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The one stop shop software for EHS experts

Denxpert stands for the combination of our knowledge, ongoing customer feedback and a user friendly surface. In our portfolio you´ll find everything from compliance, data collection and risk assessments to waste management.


Our software solutions

Compliance management

WEEE-Directive, REACH- or F-Gas-Regulation. The “legislation maze” is confusing and it is difficult to find the best way out. Not with denxpert Legal. Our legal compliance management module “Legal” supports you to build up your individual EHS legal register. Client specific relevance check, regular legal updates and a user-friendly permit management ensure that legal compliance checks have been never easier before.

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Data management

There is a lot of data to collect and to report in the EHS & Sustainability field, get it and report it without any hassle. Our experts can help you to setup data management from GRI reporting, waste management, air emissions to energy management. We live in a data driven business environment, the one with the best methods to manage them will be the one making the best decision. Let us help you to be in front.

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Incident management

As a health and safety professional our goal is to get to zero incidents, but we work with humans, who make mistakes and incidents happen. What is very important, that we take the most out of this incidents and manage them properly. Our customers are covered and have a tool which can manage from near misses to serious incident anything and make sure they will never happen again.

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WasteWaste management

Waste is in some aspect a ressource in other a cost factor, but most of all it has an environmental impact. Companies saved thousands of Euro and protected the environment at the same time by implementing a proper tool to manage all their waste transports, handling and documentation.

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Why Denxpert? Because…

1. Decision
Make smarter decisions by getting all your EHS & Sustainability data in one tool

2. Sites
Our tools are used at thousands of sites, so you can be sure we have seen many things and will find the best solution for you as well

3. Safety
Ensure the safety of your workers, assets and all your other stakeholders

4. Updates legislation
Ease of access to the relevant updated legislation with the lowest amount of effort.

5. Responsibilities
Support your processes with clearly defined responsibilities

6. For everyone
The right tool for everyone: major international and smaller local companies can also find what they need

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